OxBikes launches

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Oxford's first bicycle trading marketplace, launched in August 2021

OxBikes was set up in August 2021, by Oxford undergraduates who realised that the bike marketplace needed updating and saw a sustainable way of doing so. Anyone who has ever tried to buy a bike in Oxford will know that the marketplace is completely inefficient; there is no easy way to buy a bike at a reasonable price, and students shouldn’t have to break the bank to fund the easiest way of getting around the city.

At the same time, bicycle waste in Oxford is a huge problem, with used bikes regularly being cleared by the council and new ones imported for purchase. OxBikes saw a solution to both problems. By promoting a circular economy of bikes in Oxford, creating a platform in which they can be bought and sold, we can ensure that bikes don’t go to waste when there are plenty of people ready to buy them.

OxBikes also works with donated bikes: if a college donates their culled bikes to us, for example, all profits (minus the £8 flat-rate OxBikes commission) go to charity. We work with World Bicycle Relief, a charity who meet the need for reliable transportation in developing regions. You can read about the work they do here:

For more information, including logistical details of bike sale and purchase, go to the homepage of our website.

For press requests, email Florine at

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