How does the rental work?

We provide the collection point (on Broad Street) via email with the lock code for the bicycle. This allows you to collect the bicycle whenever suits you.

How long does it last?
The rental period lasts for 10 weeks covering the whole of Trinity Term for only £29.99. We also offer pay as you go weekly rental for £7.99 per week. You can switch rental plans during your rental. We offer you this via email during the rental period.

What happens if there is an issue with the bicycle?
All of our bicycles are in fantastic condition, and are unlikely to go wrong. In the event that they do due to a material defect with the bicycle due to general wear and tear of use of the bicycle on Oxford roads, we will provide repair or a replacement bicycle depending on the scenario. If the bicycle has been misused, it is up to the renter to repair the bicycle. 

Do you take a deposit?

We hold £125 on the card used to make the rental purchase in the event that the bicycle is not returned to us, or has been damaged (only the amount required to repair the bicycle will be deducted in this event). For University students, instead of holding the deposit, we have the option to collect student information such as university (BOD) card, email address, term time address as a form of security against stolen rental bicycles.

How do I return the bicycle?
We ask you to lock the bicycle on Broad Street and provide us with the lock code.