As a seller:

1. Click 'Sell your Bicycle'.

2. Fill out the form. This shouldn't take more than two minutes. 

3. Wait for a message confirming that your bicycle has been sold.

4. Once the buyer has paid the OxBikes commission of £8, you will be sent details about the drop-off time and place, and contact details of the buyer.

5. When you meet the buyer, agree how the buyer should pay you the balance of the price (ie the published price minus the OxBike commission of £8) and, once paid, hand over your bicycle. We recommend using Paypal goods and services, but other options include cash and bank transfer.

As a buyer or renter:

1. Browse for your perfect bicycle.

2. When you decide on which bicycle you like, enter the product code at checkout.

3. You will be taken to a page where you pay the OxBikes commission of £8, or, if the bicycle is a Donated Bike (which has been donated to OxBikes free of charge), the full purchase price. If you are renting a bicycle, you will pay the rental fee.

4. Once paid, you will be contacted to organise collection. For buyers: When you meet the seller, agree how you will pay the balance of the price (ie the published price minus the OxBikes commission of £8) and, once paid, the seller will hand the bicycle over to you. If the bicycle is a Donated Bike, there is nothing further to pay and OxBikes will arrange to meet you to hand over the bicycle. 

For Buyers Only: OxBikes do not provide any warranties, guarantees or assurances about the condition or roadworthiness of any of the bicycles available on OxBikes, however sometimes the seller does. This information will be shown in the bicycle description. This applies to whether you buy a bicycle from a seller or a Donated Bike from OxBikes. Upon meeting, the trade can be cancelled. In this event, the buyer and seller should tell OxBikes.​ 


For Renters:

OxBikes warrants that the Hired Bike shall be of satisfactory quality and fit for hire at the time of delivery of the Hired Bike. 

OxBikes shall use all reasonable endeavours to remedy, free of charge, any material defect in the Hired Bike which manifests itself during the Hire Period. You will need to let us know by email or text message if this is the case.

For full guidance, please see section 31 of our terms.